A 513

Quick ones

  • True Romance is the perfect 16 year-old girl movie
  • Without the slo-mo, 300 would be 17 minutes long
  • Robert Zemeckis blew it
  • I will no longer let My Love Open The Door
  • Kate Winslet will be naked
  • Nic Cage is still good - it's the movies that got bad
  • I don't want to hear your thoughts on Mulholland Drive
  • If a movie is adapted from a reality show, is it a documentary? If so, does it become prestigious?
  • The problem may be the Hulk was never that cool of a super hero to begin with
  • I'm old enough to remember when Se7en had a "v" in the title
  • Sid Haig should play a police captain
  • A movie without credits seems really pure
  • Imagine Michael Caine saying, "Albuquerque will be obliterated."
  • Elias Koteas is better than your favorite actor
  • Why don't animals just use their real names in the movie?
  • 555 phone numbers immediately take me out of the movie
  • Batman & Robin wasn't believable
  • If you cut the wrong wire on a bomb, it makes the time speed up. How does that happen?
  • It's impossible to make a cult movie
  • A photo gallery is a poor special feature



HEADS :: Timothy Walter Burton

- b. 1958 Burbank, CA, USA
- Director: 14 feature films (1985-2010)

Jess's favorite: Beetlejuice (1988)
Paul's favorite: Ed Wood (1994)


School Night

performed by Bodega Girls


BENNETT INVENTORY : The Movie Title Mash-Up Quiz, Part Four

Congratulations to all who participated in the previous quiz - you're all winners! (Not in terms of the quiz, but in a Charlie Sheen kinda way). Extra special congrats to Shaun, who truly had enough tiger's blood to get all the answers, thus receiving his Brando bounty.
The winner of this round will gratefully accept a Dick Tracy Giant Sticker-Poster Set from Panini ca. 1990. It's posters. It's stickers. It's early 90s Madonna. You need this.

1. A conflicted boxer must compete with a baseball pitcher for the affection of a woman.

2. An ordinary man is coerced into a wild road trip by a sexy woman, & must avoid the obstacles created by her mother along the way.

3. A woman in trouble learns the true identity of her father.

4. A botanist uses the unfortunate side effect of his freak accident to fend off a large alien in the Arctic.

5. In order for a suburban dad to overcome his midlife crisis, he must find true love in a young woman.

6. A Hollywood actress must protect her son from the man she thought had already been killed by her parents.

7. A drug kingpin is forced to swap identities with the man who killed his son.

8. A film company learns to make a technical leap with the help of a handicapped, long-lost relative.

9. A family being terrorized by an ex convict finds refuge in Sin City.

10. A space crew travels back in time to protect the planet from aliens... and the youngest is left behind.



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