Bennett Media's SUMMERFEST!

As I write this, it's 7 degrees above freezing and rainy. And so I write this because I need this. I piss & moan every year about the pigtailed tease that is Springtime, and it looks like the company has yet to change its policy. So, I'll keep writing letters 'till my voice is heard.

We've reached that time of year again when we celebrate all things Summer - which may not seem that different to the uninitiated - but we are initiated, aren't we, Bruce. After all, we go through the same thing with our Halloween series; we spend all year worshipping blood, boobs, and bubblegum, but the point we'll continue to drive home is that each season has its own blood, its own boobs, and too much junk food to ever discuss it all.

I'm sure many of you are anticipating a different kinda Summer ahead... But whatever happens, rest assured that nothing will disrupt the movies and shows we watch, the music we listen to, the literature we read, and anything else that doesn't require us to wear a bikini (in public). The exclusion of flea markets is going to sting for as long as these restrictions are in effect, but we'll continue to look at the shit we already have and share what we find. We'll continue to plumb the past and retrospect this & that. We will endure.

Below is our Summerfest commercial, and as you've probably noticed by now, these spots are filled with teasers and easter eggs of our Summer plans & what we'll be covering here on the site and on our Facebook page. So keep stayin' home and get fat & sexy with us, because we got such sights to show you.

Everybody Fest!

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