Faster, more intense

Hey Jango Fett fans! Good news! Now you can anonymously display your love for the shiniest bounty hunter in the prequel galaxy & vote on the poll to your right (my right also).


Well, then I'll kill them too

With each passing episode, the MIL has done a lotta flip-flopping with his intentions for the candidates. Is he bad, or is he just bad-bad? Poll is in the sidebar, elaborate in the comments.
Check out Lostpedia to get you started; most notable to us is the suggestion that "the Man in Black has a name that is significant to the show, but the name is presently unknown even to Titus Welliver." Dig.


CINETEXT -- part eight


Back to the Future Part II


...And leave the driving to us

We at first considered leaving part one out of the poll; making it a 'what's your favorite sequel' kinda thing. The only reason for that would be to avoid a somewhat annoying predictability. You all know part one is not particularly my favorite -- I don't even really like it too much. So, the let-down doesn't come from that, as much as it does from the eye-rolling obviousness. But furthermore, & most importantly, is that my dislike for both the movie and the blind popularity for it does not grow out of the fact that it is so popular -- much like the way people demonized Titanic purely for the fact that it was so loved by so many, while having no real articulate argument against the movie itself.
Therein lies my beef. I've never heard a real good argument for Nightmare one. I've had people tell me they love it (clearly), but an intelligent defense has yet to be brought to my attention. & I have asked, & what I usually get is a rundown of the plot told to me in pseudo-intellectual synonyms, & that it had great fx. Either that, or "Well, it scared me as a kid..." & I guess this is enough for people: a great concept with special effects. Armageddon is a great concept with special effects. Point being, there's a link or two missing from this chain. Because, really, if you take these two qualities, then you have exactly what NOES 2010 is. So, technically, you should've all loved the new one, yes?
What this all boils down to is we'd love for you to tell us what it is about Wes's masterpiece that's so awesome. & I'm not looking for an argument; I'm a bigger Freddy fan than you, you, & you -- probably the reason I can't seem to let this go. The weather's starting to heat up almost to my liking, which, for us, means there'll be a Nightmare on our tv at any given moment until the end of August. That's just nostalgic tradition, & it's only coincidence that there just happens to be the stink of the remake in the air... produced by the guy who made Armageddon. So, while I've got you here, & while we're both in the mood, let's broaden our minds! Lawrence...?
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