The Movie Title Mash-Up Quiz :: Part Four Winner

After roughly six weeks when everyone'd forgotten & no one cared, Bennett Media reader Luke pulled a Jim Garrison/Robert Graysmith & reopened the case & succeeded where many, many have tried unsuccessfully.
But not for lack of trying - everyone, collectively, got all the right answers; just not singularly -- until now. You can view Luke's correct titles in the comments of the quiz. As usual, the winner must must contact us for the prize. Part Five coming soon.



Film: Amadeus (1984)

Recipe: Chocolate Nipples

1 8oz Package of Cream Cheese, Softened
1 Package of Oreos
1 Bag of Chocolate Chips (variations can be substituted)

1. Grind up Oreos in a food processor or just smash them to small bits in a plastic bag. (the smaller the pieces the easier it stays together)

2. Take the softened cream cheese and knead the cookie bits together with your hands until fully mixed. When all mixed, pop into the freezer for about 30 minutes.

3. Use a double boiler to melt the chocolate chips. Once the chocolate is melted, begin to make small bits of c.c./cookie mix. Dip the balls into the chocolate with a spoon, roll it around, and place on wax paper to harden. When finished, freeze or refrigerate. Serve cold.

Quick ones

  • No one points out the surrealism of talking-animal movies.
  • Tell people you were an extra in Spiderman 3. They'll believe you.
  • Middle-Earth looks like New Zealand.
  • Movie theaters sell you a gallon of soda & offer you free refills. Clearly, they're inexplicably trying to find ways for you to miss the movie.
  • When does the decision come to put outtakes at the end of the movie? Are they in the script?
  • Aliens are always more advanced, & they always lose. Proof that intelligence is no match for violent aggression.
  • Remember Tom Hanks?
  • Whenever people remake a movie, they say it's because they "love the original." Does anyone buy this bullshit?
  • Deaf people have no aversion to foreign films.
  • I'm worried for Abe Froman. Why didn't he show? & what of the other two people in his party?
  • People often claim that they love "bad movies." Me, I hate bad movies. I wish there were less of them.
  • It would be easier if Spielberg's segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie came at the end so I didn't have to press fast forward every time.
  • No one talks about French Connection II.
  • I don't get excited by red band trailers -- I've heard the F-word.
  • New Zealand looks like Middle-Earth.
  • What exactly is the selling point of "From the Studio that brought you...?"
  • When you go to the movies, take the straw out of your drink & bend it in half so it has a pointy corner. 10 minutes after the movie starts, lean forward & hold it to the throat of the person sitting in front of you (make sure they don't see that it's a straw), & say, "if you turn around, I'll kill you." Then sit back in your seat; try to do it during a comedy, & see if they laugh at all during the movie.
  • I have no opinion of Molly Ringwald.
  • In my dreams, I can walk. My legs are strong.
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but does anyone really love 3-D? A lotta people complain about it, but no one seems to have any general excitement about it.




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