Unless you've been lagging behind like a baby tomato, you should've noticed we've been doing some stuff for up 'n cumming punk band Damnation. We cut a lyric video for their song "Stuck In A Web" last May, and apparently it was mad & macabre enough to garner a nomination from the Worcester Music Awards for "Best New Music Video!"

The voting has been left to you beautiful people, and this is by far the most important election of this year, and maybe your lifetime. So, be a buncha dears and VOTE for them/us by clicking this collection of words right here.

Join me or die. Can you do any less?

- p&j


It's so funny how we don't talk anymore

People always ask us, "Hey, Bennett Media, what's the deal?" And in the past, we've done our best to answer legitimate questions or address constructive criticism. But, quite frankly, our best has rarely been good enough & has plenty of room for groove improvement. Our pledge forthwith is to be vigilant and attentive and open to any & all (or most) conversations that fall outside the parameters of the posts. It doesn't always hafta be in a q&a-type situation - please feel confident in contributing your own lists, your own ideas, your own nostalgia, your own point/counterpoint, and links to your own stuff. Really!

We don't talk about 'numbers' on here, but we will say the site has grown exponentially popular over the years, and we welcome you to utilize it to bring awareness to whatever it is you're digging. And if you don't have any questions, start thinkin': we'd love nothing more than to participate in an audience-generated Take5 video where we can discuss topics of your choosing. We know you got the good topics, the Glengarry topics, and there's no doubt we can provide highly subjective answers. So, in the words of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Jones, make some suggestions - right here, right now. We'll pull from this post, from Youtube, from Facebook, whatever, because, in the words of our Dark Master, "there's no time to discriminate, hate every motherfucker that's in your way."

- p&j
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