7Roulette - CATHY'S CURSE

Cathy wasn't cursed. She was an unfortunate who had a mental patient for a mother and an apathetic father.  Then she's thrown into the spooky house/evil doll duo. Possession. The kind that makes you sound like Eric Wareheim going through adult puberty. It's silly, and not scary at all. Everyone is annoying and you're relieved when they die, so you don't have to listen to them whine anymore. If the movie ended I am not sure how, because it completely left me. Do not like. C-

- Babes

On the surface, everything about this movie feels tired and familiar - but it's strangely original in all the important ways. Young Cathy is possessed by the spirit of another young girl - her aunt Laura who died decades earlier. Laura wasn't evil, just pissed off - so Cathy begins to torment and kill those around her using weird mind powers. That's just a synopsis, but it kinda sums up the film: a series of weird set pieces punctuated by electronic sound design and peculiar performances, all baked into a rich meatloaf of Domestic Horror that leaves you sleepy and nauseous. The house and the geography create a visceral mood of time & place (fall/winter 1976, Canada) and I was really here for that - and really the only reason I'd come back. B-

- Paul


Dan The Movie Man said...

Ever thought of doing a Siskel & Ebert style vid where you both review a flick that one of you liked, while the other not so much, such as here?

P and J said...

good idea. maybe for specific movies that evoke more passion than something like this. still dancing around a podcast...

Dan The Movie Man said...

Nice. Think I have a friend who wants to do a podcast and might want me on. I've done some video commentaries on YouTube with another for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and the recent Child's Play remake. That I didn't promote on Facebook. Because I'm very self-conscious on camera, and it was a mission to get me to do those. Was actually drunk for the Hollywood one.

But, back to you guys, would def be keen for either a vid or pod. Whatever you wanna do, I'll watch, or listen ;)

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