7Roulette - TOMMY BOY

At the height of his career, Chris Farley was the funniest man in Hollywood. Chris Farley playing Chris Farley was a beautiful thing and watching this movie still makes milk come out of my nose. He somehow carried a movie about a road trip to sell car parts to greatness! B+

- Jess

Mirrored by the first half of the 80s, most of the great comedies of the early 90s were inspired by or littered with SNL alumnus. (That's been true since the show began, but it really only had those two spikes of gold). Tommy Boy is one of the best, partly because it forgoes the urge to be a 90 minute comedy sketch cluttered with cameos, but instead plays out as a breezy narrative with a heart (even if a lot of it is Plains, Trains, and Automobiles).
For me, it's on the same plate as The Sandlot and Mrs. Doubtfire for severely quotable family fun from a specific era. Besides, roadside scenery + pop songs = a movie for Paul. B+

- Paul

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