Leonardo leads


Joey said...

You're truly a master.

Taylor said...

This is orgasmic.

MRanthrope said...

Amazing. Utterly amazing.

Dan The Movie Man said...

Hi there
Another awesome decade vid, made awesome by the music. What were the songs you used. I knew

She Drives Me Crazy
Come On Eileen
Independant Woman
Don't Stop Believing
What's Love Got To Do With It
9 To 5
I Want To Break Free (Queen's amazing)
Eye In The Sky
Start Me Up
Billie Jean
Sail Away
With Or Without You
Video Killed The Radio Star

But the rest I was familiar with but can't name. What were they?

P.S. Cheers on the M*A*S*H Goodbye shot from the finale that was brilliant, and Dorothy Rose & Blanche in prison. They were the best.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this quite a lot, but what is the deal with that b&w hand appearing in that box randomly throughout the first minute?

luis f. alonso said...

Other song samples that were used here include:
Dire Straits - "Money for Nothing"
Hall & Oates - "I Can't Go for That"
Kajagoogoo -"Too Shy"
INXS - "I Need You Tonight"
Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls"
The Pretenders - "Brass in Pocket"
The Inspector Gadget theme song
The Human League - "Don't You Want Me"

The Rolling Stones - "Start Me Up"

Dan The Movie Man said...

Ok I more wanna know the song that plays before "Eye In The Sky"?

P and J said...

the vocals are from Neverending Story - the beat is She Drives Me Crazy/Candy Girl/Don't You Want Me

The clapping hands in the box are from the video for Jack & Diane

Anonymous said...

What's the song that plays from 2:17 to 2:24?

P and J said...

The melody is from Rainbow in the Dark by Dio

Anonymous said...

What's the song that play from 1:19 to 1:30 during the Chernobyl clips?

Anonymous said...

wow,just wow!.The music selections were just sublime,the intertwining of inspector Gadget theme and Don't You Want Me was inspired.hundreds of short clips that completely sum up that time.now how about a video for the 2000s?

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