Greed, Milkshakes Continue To Be Good

Since I began creating these faux works of art, I began to get requests from viewers to pay tribute to their favorite whatevers. And so, like an elementary student, I've been passing love letters between you & Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, & several others I would have otherwise never put the effort into had it not been for your suggestions.
Most recently, I cut a Ridley Scott video due to overwhelming popular demand. However, my interest in him barely goes beyond three or four movies - the three or four movies I have on my shelf.
Don't hesitate to do the math & understand that I had to make a few stops to Amazon to submit to the pleas.
Though I've left YouTube to sit alone & think about what it did, I'm still getting calls to action re. Spielberg, Hitchcock, etc. These are filmmakers with huge careers - box set careers. So, to further comply with general desire, I'm asking for your help.
I've added a Paypal 'donate' button to the site - the proceeds of which will go to acquiring media for the sole purpose of a 'mash-up.' Otherwise, expect to see The Films of Steven Spielberg* minus the Indiana Jones movies sometime soon.
Regardless, I continue to appreciate your ongoing support.
ps - anyone want a copy of White Squall?


Max Kyburz said...

Are there no libraries around to rip off?

P and J said...

Yeah, if I wanna do a Shrek tribute.
Put differently, it's unreliable source for anything mildly obscure.

Max Kyburz said...

Damn, I hope you buy your DVDs used then.

Max Kyburz said...

Damn, I hope you buy your DVDs used then.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Sydney Lumet, Robert Altman, and perhaps...Sergio Leone?

Jake said...

You ever try using Half.com? It usually carries better deals than Amazon's Used Marketplace and is pretty reliable.

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