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Compiling my list of Top 100 Favorite Movies is an act of pure futility. Tomorrow my list will be a little different. I guarantee it. There was even a last minute edit the night before this post. This is because I love movies. Thousands of them. I can even appreciate a large margin of the sore losers. It was very hard for me to do this and required rewatches and boozes. And even now, looking it over, I am second-guessing myself, and wincing over what's been overlooked. 

   People are constantly changing. Evolving. This is unless you're in the unlucky below-90 IQ, and so I guess I'm supposed to applaud your mediocrity. But if you're like me, your tastes will be different tomorrow than they were yesterday; it could be the work of the crossing stars, or just good breeding, but you have the capacity to become superhuman. If you take charge of your art exposure you will only foster this revolution. 
  It is your job, not your professors, spouses, or your half-witted friends to be culturally enriching. See what's out there. Watch movies. And then watch them more times. Then take a break for a few years and then watch them again. You'll be in a different place, and it might resonate with you differently. My list may not entice you to seek out these movies, but look at all of these pretty colors: other peoples' interesting interpretations of their own experiences being enveloped in moving cinema. 

- Jess


Peyton said...

Yay! what a serious treat. The Master and The Last Temptation of Christ are how I feel on a daily basis.

Peyton said...

Honestly, Eyes Wide Shut is a comfy movie to watch during December. It's eerie, but also goofy. I like that it's first about Harford's marriage insecurity, then it just turns into a murder mystery concerning the elite. I think it's Kubrick's most ambitious film. Eyes Wide Shut is my favorite from Kubrick. I'm glad that Beetlejuice is #4. I love the weird.

HOONT said...

This is truly awesome. What a wonderful and fun way to list your Top 100. Surprised by how many newer titles made the cut. Glad to see love for "Happy-Go-Lucky".

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