Something Else : Great Horror Movies You Might Have Missed

Paul's List

Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher M.D.) Marino Girolami 1980
   One of the greatest standoffs ever realized : zombies vs. cannibals. Who wins? The Audience!

Flesh Eater Bill Hinzman 1988
   Though laughably incompetent and often misogynistic, few other films capture the flavor of the Fall season as well as this.

Don't Look In the Basement (aka The Forgotten) S.F Brownrigg 1973
   Eerie atmosphere that builds to a punchy climax.

City of the Living Dead Lucio Fulci 1980
   Zombies + demonic powers = some of the goriest stuff ever done by Fulci (or anyone).

The Unholy Camilo Vila 1988
   Crazy cast, striking imagery. Sexy and gross. Think "Diet Hellraiser."

Babes' List

Don't Look Now Nicolas Roeg 1973
   A very important lesson is learned from this film - don't ever chase your past into darkness.

Ginger Snaps John Fawcett 2000
  My absolute favorite coming-of-age tale and the most interesting example of equating the transformation to werewolf with the turmoil of adolescent bodily changes.

The Brood David Cronenberg 1979
   Emotional trauma is your greatest enemy.

Prince of Darkness John Carpenter 1987
   Carpenter's most underrated work. An ambient and nihilistic approach to a biblical apocalypse.

Lords of Salem Rob Zombie 2013
   A terrifying modern look at how fucking cool Massachusetts history is.


Mr Fist said...

Of all the films here, the only one I've seen is The Brood. I've been meaning to see Lords of Salem after being highly recommended by friends.

I heard that Don't Look in the Basement is good if you liked Shutter Island, which I do.

Jacob Spickelmire said...

the 'V/H/S' anthology films aren't anything special, but the first of the two features a segment titled 'Second Honeymoon' that is really, really fucking great. Best found-footage film this side of Blair Witch.

Anonymous said...

I will make it my mission to see all I haven't seen by the thirty first.

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