Let's Look At Some Shit : Episode 4, part 2


Thor Cromer said...

The trapper keeper collages are definitely my fav from this batch.

Oh and speaking of lobby cards, did you ever go to that movie poster store on Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter? It closed years ago of course, but it was one of my favorite stores in Boston, and they had bins and bins chock full of those.

P and J said...

I didn't, which is both funny and sad because I spent most of my formative years just praying there was store like that somewhere in the city

Luke said...

Jealous of The Money Pit press kit.

Your Burger King/Star Wars story reminds me of the was one piece of Star Wars merchandise I collected. Pepsi announced that they were releasing Phantom Menace character themed cans. I think there were 24 of them? Anyway, I ended up collecting them and have them to this day. The cans themselves proved more interesting than the movie.

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