Quick Ones

-Do you think Lee Daniels has a butler?
-Once you've reached the end of your wits, you just end up back at the beginning
-There's no room for Jell-O at the Inn
-Break the rules until you get caught. After that, make up excuses
-What's worse than Christian Rock? Christian Rap
-The second easiest way to carry a hat is on your friend's head
-Demons live in my teeth
-Dress the part
-Bad things come in threes. Good things come in me
-The guys in the white lab coats are always the first to go
-A single "oops" is an "oop"
-Technically, Michael Keaton has been robbed of about 5 Oscars
-Exercise your pinkies for an unforeseen event
-Pie is the best use of fruit
-Do you think John Carpenter has a thing?
-Criterion will always feel compromised for adding The Rock and Armageddon
-It's hard to make a movie in black and white without being pretentious
-The myth of Twin Peaks is better than the show
-As punishment, your tombstone will be in comic sans
-Stay off my back, or I will attack! (And you don't want that)
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