7Roulette - The Sugarland Express

There's something terribly romantic about the couple running from the law genre. How far would you go to be with your true love? Goldie Hawn and William Atherton risk everything to be together and to see their son again. Both characters knew from the beginning that their police chased road adventure was doomed from the start. They also knew that the alternative was much worse. Being apart from your family is something far more unimaginable. A-

- Jess

Hard to imagine a movie of this stature - movie stars, budget, stunts, mature themes - crafted by such a young filmmaker. Also hard to imagine The Dream Weaver himself as 'a young filmmaker' - the man who's been like a second father to folks of our generation. But, boy, does he pull it off; if anyone ever knew how to turn cash into a spectacle... That's not to discount the little intimate idiosyncrasies and quirks of domesticity that are just as present (and equally define him).
As frenetic and taut as any Indy movie. A-

- Paul

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