7Roulette - MIDNIGHT RUN

With so many masculine buddy movies out there this one is shiniest. By the end of the movie Robert De Niro, whom we learn cannot love anyone, truly loves Charles Grodin. Being forced to take a very long road home allows for plenty of comedic antics and soul searching for both characters. Robert De Niro needed to find a friend and Charles Grodin needed someone to give him a break. Perfect match. A+

- Jess

The Road Movie in my book (or at least equal to Wizard of Oz). Few other movies have such a large collection of tiptop male character actors, and even fewer provide them with dialogue this chewy. Also, Top 5 Danny Elfman scores (and I'm fully aware of the weight of that statement). A+

- Paul

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Luke said...

Hey Marvin, what's that!

Few buddy movies from the 80's are this enjoyable.

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