7Roulette - SCARECROW

The tragedy of Scarecrow is that despite being drifters, Gene Hackman and Al Pacino had a dream that they were trying so hard to follow. Gene Hackman's dream of owning a car wash is his driving force and Al Pacino is his torch to lead him. Every human being with a big dream needs another person to keep them motivated. When Gene Hackman loses the light in his life he is forced to put those dreams aside and stand still. B+

- Jess

A soft, low-impact Midnight Cowboy of sorts: a pair of acting powerhouses amble through a gruff character study, relying on dollars & cents and all the stage energy of their young film careers. The message is also similar: the world is a dirty, rusty machine, and only your attitude and wits will get you through. 
It presses buttons for anyone who's ever hitchhiked. B

- Paul

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