To travel and see as much of America is my dream. Everything is unique and beautiful everywhere and I want to experience it all. If I had enough money to travel and live comfortably without working I might consider living out my life that way. The common American dream is a big house, 2.5 kids, and two luxury cars. For Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty it's to abandon everything and just be together. Unfortunately, in these modern times, the hippy existence is pretty impossible and quite frowned upon. It's devastating because it doesn't last for them. A

- Jess

Great road movies can cause a kinda wanderlust in its viewers. They can show us exotic locations without ever having to leave town. And, sometimes, they can lay the groundwork for a future, unrelated road movie. Such is the setup of Albert Brooks' Lost In America; the pristine punchline is that Easy Rider presented a harsh, downbeat look at the unforgivingness of America. Not surprisingly, if you go looking for that, you'll find it everywhere. A

- Paul

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