BENNETT INVENTORY : The Movie Title Mash-Up Quiz, Part Three

It's that time of year again! (actually, 'time' is based on indeterminate intermittence). Before we get into it, we'd like to once again congratulate Tom's conquest of Round Two -- & now a proud owner of Topps non-sports nostalgia.
We hope that you confidently attempt to join Tom in child-like bliss & take a crack at Round Three. This time 'round, the winner will receive a Hologram Jor-El from Superman Returns by Mattel. & if you're not into the man of steel, you can pride yourself in owning your own Brando action figure; perhaps you can find some tiny orange peels & reenact the demise of Vito Corleone. Or, get a tub of Country Crock & perform a fat-free version of Last Tango (feel free to share all the details).
The rules are still the same -- in fact, they'll always be the same unless otherwise noted, so don't play dumb - we hate that.

1. A man forced to confess to a crime he didn't commit comes to terms with giving his daughter away on her wedding day.

2. A group of survivors barricade themselves in an abandoned home & fight off a pair of disturbed doctors.

3. A defense attorney uncovers one of the greatest cover-ups in the history of the American government.

4. A conservative family, anxious to meet their daughter's husband-to-be, are shocked when she brings an idiot home as a lark.

5. A rising female boxer must put her career on hold when she is suddenly burdened with the responsibility of raising a child.

6. Struggling to meet a deadline, a tabloid journalist must race to uncover the truth about a con man & his daughter.

7. A family is torn apart by desert-dwelling deformed cannibals, jealousy, & sexual obsession.

8. A couple of neurotic, out-of-work actors exact vengeance on the men who wronged them - one by one.

9. Galactic circus performers come to Earth to participate in a monumental basketball game.

10. A young man gets dangerously in over his head when he takes it upon himself to solve the mystery of a forgotten glam rock star.


Mr Fist said...

1. In the Name of the Father of the Bride
2. Night of the Living Dead Ringers
3. ...And Justice for All the President's Men
4. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner For Schmucks
5. Million Dollar Baby Mama
6. The Paper Moon
7. The Hills Have Eyes Wide Shut
8. Withnail & I Spit On Your Grave
9. Killer Klowns from Outer Space Jam
10. Blue Velvet Goldmine

I had to repost another list because I just realised I got No. 8 wrong. I think I've got No.5 wrong too but I'll just post this and see how I go.

Mr Fist said...

Wait a minute... could it be:

5. Million Dollar Baby Boom


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