Summer was damp. (And no, not because of Karen Duffy.) It was chilly and grey, and we were forced to rely on the warmth and color of our minds and our media.

The beat goes on. We've had this feeling for a while now: you can call it spirit, call it anxiety, call it luck, call it karma... But this year, we're calling it HEEBIE JEEBIES - 8 weeks(!) of straight razors, devil worship, shower scenes, pea soup, bad vibes, and Jill Schoelen. 

We have things planned, but we're easily (and gladly) led into temptation at the drop of a witch's hat, so if something strikes our fancy, you're gonna goddamn hear about it. And if you spot something out there in the void that we need to talk about, let us know; we'll swallow anything you want us to swallow.

Check back over the next 2 months for updates, and follow us on Facebook for more immediate gratification. And dig this: share this post 5 times or else Candyman will get you. In the meantime: be our victim. 

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Taylor/Peyton said...

I rewatched Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. I think it's interesting that it is similar to Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me and that Loomis also became a villain in his own way. That's true horror when the supposed doctor/hero turns bad. The violence in H2 seems real and authentic.

Laurie's bedroom has so much character, I'm impressed by the small details of Zombie's Halloween 2. Graffiti of the thorn, casting trauma to permanent words, imprinting scars to the wake and dream, to constant reminders.

Halloween 2 also takes an element from all previous Halloween movies. In a way, Thorn/Thurisaz (from Halloween 5 & 6) is similar in tone to Michael's mother, that there is this "covert" nature to the Shape. There's things going behind the Shape, that we can't see. The Man in Black and Deborah are both "guardians" of Michael. The whole sensational idea with Loomis selling a book and exploiting the victims of a tragedy is similar to Halloween: Resurrection's internet reality show idea.

Weirdly, I prefer Danielle Harris and Donald Pleasence to Jamie Lee Curtis.

I hope they can do something interesting with Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Halloween (2018) wasn't that bad, but it's not that memorable nor did it explore new territory. I have hope though. Maybe Halloween Ends can be a crossover with all the different Halloween movie universes, lol.

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