How you feelin'? Been doin' ok? Enjoying the weather? You catch the game last night? You get your shot? But most importantly... do you feel lucky?

That's okay, cuz we can get you some - through the courtesy of one Karen Duffy.

For the duration of Summer 2021, we may yearn for blu-rays, junk food, music, literature, posters, and all the other shit we like to look at, but really, we just want that human connection - a bond with an older woman who can make us feel mature and provide a feeling a self-worth more than any ill-gotten carte blanche could. 

So join us this season, because Bennett Media's Gettin' Lucky With Karen Duffy, and we like it more when people watch. 

You know we wait long & hard for this time of year, and we save most of what we like to do & say for a setting where everything is hot & alive. We've got new (to us) movies to see, new snacks to try, dark experiences to share, and old girlfriends to call. Without getting too specific, it'll be the same - just different. If it's been cancelled, we're rebooting it. If it has a commercial, we'll try it today. If it shows up on our radar, we're gonna put it on yours. Like us, follow us, touch us, heal us. This is the big moment, kids, so until you find that Zoltar machine, we're your blank check to unadulterated adulthood (without all the "adulting").

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