Beyond The Infinite: JESS'S 101-200

    I've often wondered why I returned from the dead so many years ago. Life thus far, spare a few velvet star explosions of pure bliss, has been a treasure chest of abysmal atrocities. Existence has been cruel and unwavering. I often relive it, as people generally do, when the universe has completely raped them. And I'm tortured, and often sad, that I struggle to find those very happy times. And just when I'm on the brink, the kind you can't walk away from, I see a glowing light. It shines bright white, illuminating my face, and pierces my soul. I watch a film. Those are my memories. I've lived so many other lives. Way more than 100. And I can go there anytime I want to and pray at my motherfucking church. 

- Jess

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