Hardly a sequel, speaking technically. Even so, while a decent movie with those couple memorable moments, Dawn of the Dead remains THE zombie movie (AND the better sequel in its own right).
Fulci's Zombi 2 (or simply Zombie here in the States) is structurally & thematically as much a sequel as Dawn is (being that, they both have no real correlation to their respective predecessors). So its cred as a sequel is not in question.
Dawn of the Dead is a lotta fun - it's fun to watch. Scary? Not in any way. & while 'scary/not scary' has never truly been a solid criteria for a great horror movie, it could have been terrifying. Or at least suspenseful. But it's not. It's a wonderful metaphor & has great makeup fx (though the zombies themselves are quite laughable).
& that's just the thing - the general campiness & intentional satire feels tired (even if Romero invented it) & results in a decent comedy. This may also be the movie that started the "intentional camp" horror genre - something that's squashing it to this day.
Sometimes I don't want a comedy - I want a zombie movie.
Zombi 2 is not only the first movie that brought the goods - for me anyway - it's one of the last. While Zombie 3, 4, & 5, as well as Zombie Holocaust (aka Doctor Butcher) come close to getting it right, the only other true zombie experience out there is ...Michael's Jackson's Thriller.
Forget Zombie vs. Shark or the wooden stake through the eye. This is one of the few movies where a corpse rises full-body out of the dirt of its own grave and immediately goes teeth-first into a terrified woman - still standing over the loose soil. If it doesn't have that (or Michael Peters' dance choreography), it's not a zombie movie.


Max Kyburz said...

have you seen french connection 2?

P and J said...

I haven't.
I've never heard anything good about it.
are they wrong?

Max Kyburz said...

I've heard mixed things. some say don't bother while others say it's underrated. but no I have not seen it yet, I only asked in anticipation to see it on this list. but I shouldn't spoil any surprises for myself lol

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