7Roulette - THE PIT

A troubled adolescent, hell-bent on feeding his foes to carnivorous hole-dwelling monsters? Sold. Take my money please. This was just one of the many recent boutique blu-ray blind-buys we have made. And bitchin' framable original poster as well. All the elements were there, but man, this one was a struggle. First time viewings are always sit and watch-watch. Them's the rules. But I was more preoccupied with my butt discomfort on my couch than I was paying attention to the film. I could give two shits about this pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak and his underwhelming shy trolls. Do not buy.  D

- Babes

When the protagonist is the awkward outcast, it's implied that we're to root for them. The Pit (intentional or not) challenges that instinct from beginning to end; 12-year-old Jamie has a psychic connection to his teddybear, and "Teddy" predictably tells him everything he wants to hear - up to & including tricking his tormentors to follow him into the woods so he can push them into a massive hole in the ground inhabited by flesh-eating trolls. Normally we like to see the jerks & bullies get their comeuppance -- except that Jamie is such a pain in the ass that a true sense of justice feels a little thwarted. That aside, take everything else into consideration; it's a dirty, bonkers movie that was too lite on the gore & nudity to be blissfuly grotesque. C+

- Paul

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