7Roulette :: October 2021

Creepy Kids, Evil Children, Tykes of Terror... It's a genre as old as Cinema itself -- and in the past five decades as The Exorcist has achieved a mythic status, this subgenre has become a leading definition of "Horror." And so, there are many to consume (we're gonna say too many, actually) - but there are some we haven't seen in addition to some that we like (or even love). That's what this is gonna be; if you've followed this series (all two installments!) you already know: for seven straight days we will watch seven different movies with a common theme. The day after each viewing, we'll let you know what we thought. By that measure, we'll begin our marathon on Monday, October 11, and the reviews will start rolling in on Tuesday the 12th. We've made some obvious choices, and some not-so, but in the end, the message will be the same: Children Are Our Future. 

  • October 11th Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)
  • October 12th The Pit (1981)
  • October 13th Cathy's Curse (1980)
  • October 14th Mikey (1992)
  • October 15th Halloween (2007)
  • October 16th Shock (1977)
  • October 17th The Brood (1979)

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