THE WARP ZONE : Ropey Rampage

Summer's coming to a close and our luck with Ms. Duffy is running dry. So we thought we'd do a little recon and tally the beer and skittles of this past season (and beyond) with another trip down The Warp Zone.
Finish your sprouts and come out and play, because tomorrow's a school day.

Breakfast Cereal
Paul: Honey Bunches of Oates
Jess: Blueberry Chex

Boy Meets World character
Paul: Mr. Feeny
Jess: Shawn Hunter

Summer Horror
Paul: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
Jess: The Lost Boys

Aquatic life
Paul: Jellyfish
Jess: Giant Squid

Concert movie
Paul: Monterey Pop
Jess: Stop Making Sense

Popsicle Flavor
Paul: Blue
Jess: Orange

Monty Python cast member
Paul: Terry Jones
Jess: John Cleese

2nd favorite Ninja Turtle
Paul: Donatello
Jess: Donatello

Song from a Musical
Paul: "Ive Got a Golden Ticket" - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Jess: "The Origin of Love" - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Paul: Ham, cheese, mayo
Jess: Fluffernutter 

Movie from 2019
Paul: The Lighthouse
Jess: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Pornographic performer
Paul: Jeanna Fine
Jess: Sasha Grey


Joan Jett or Chrissy Hynde
Paul: Chrissy Hynde
Jess: Joan Jett

Linnea Quigley or Barbara Crampton
Paul: Linnea
Jess: Linnea

The beach or the arcade
Paul: Arcade
Jess: Beach

It (1990) or The Stand (1994)
Paul: It
Jess: It

The feel of the ocean or the taste of champagne
Paul: Champagne
Jess: Ocean

The Vanishing (1988) or The Vanishing (1993)
Paul: '93
Jess: '88

Parades or fireworks
Paul: Fireworks
Jess: Fireworks

Ren or Stimpy
Paul: Ren
Jess: Ren

Mountain Dew or crab juice
Paul: Crab juice
Jess: Mountain Dew

Apples or oranges
Paul: Apples
Jess: Oranges

Time travel to the future or the past
Paul: Past
Jess: Future

Skyscraper or Body of Evidence
Paul: Skyscraper
Jess: Body of Evidence

Leo or Brad
Paul: Leo
Jess: Leo

Pizza or cheesesteak
Paul: Cheesesteak Pizza(!)
Jess: Pizza

Gordon Ramsey or Paul Hollywood
Paul: Gordon
Jess: Gordon

Reform School Girls or Switchblade Sisters
Paul: Reform School Girls
Jess: Reform School Girls

Alien: Resurrection or Alien: Covenant
Paul: Resurrection
Jess: Resurrection 

Fear (1996) or The Fear (1995)
Paul: Fear
Jess: Fear

David Bowie or The Rolling Stones
Paul: Stones
Jess: Bowie

Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul
Paul: Breaking Bad
Jess: Better Call Saul


Beach movies
Point Break
Summer Rental
Savage Beach
Captain Ron
Malibu Express
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Summer night songs
"Cool Night" Paul Davis
"Baby Come Back" Player
"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" Hall & Oates
"Listen" Tears for Fears
"Nightcall" Kavinsky
"In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins

Hot & sweaty TV episodes
"The Game" Saved by the Bell
"Life's a Beach" Married... With Children
"Soultaker" Mystery Science Theater 3000
"Summer of 4'2"" The Simpsons
"The Lake" The Wonder Years
"The Call" The Adventures of Pete & Pete 

Summer foods
Hot dogs
Macaroni salad
Chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve
Vanilla bean ice cream w/caramel sauce
Lobster roll
Beach Fries

Boutique blu-ray blind buys
Sudden Fury - Vinegar Syndrome
Night Killer - Severin
Shock 'em Dead - Slasher Video
Demon Wind - Vinegar Syndrome
Blood Rage - Arrow
Ghosthouse - Scream Factory

Songs by The Beach Boys
"Don't Worry Baby"
"Good Vibrations"
"All Summer Long"
"Sail On, Sailor"
"I Get Around"
"Good Vibrations"

Movies from the year you were born
The Right Stuff
Easy Money
Return of the Jedi
The Hunger
The King of Comedy

The Blair Witch Project
Southern Comfort
The Blair Witch Project
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Camp Nowhere


Jacob Spickelmire said...

Kevin Farley or Jim Belushi?

P and J said...

Jim's got a great resume. Not a great report card, but still

Luke said...

Favorite Kids In the Hall member?

P and J said...

P: Bruce McCulloch

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