Tony Kim said...

How long does it usually take you guys to make these collages? Do you just make them up whenever you come across a photo that catches your eye, or do you set yourself a quota of how many to make for one post? I'm also curious as to how you determine which images to use, which images to combine them with, and in what way i.e. do you get an idea/theme for one collage and collect appropriate photos based around that idea? Or do you prefer to simply mash images together randomly?

And this is off topic, but do you plan to continue with Name That Movie?

P and J said...

how long's a piece of string...?

usually whipped up over a couple afternoons. they're stream-of-consciousness, no planning, no overthinking. based largely on: which colors and shapes look nice together. inspired by old punk zines, coffee table books, pop art, exploitation posters, and dada.

Name That Movie is up next!

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