January Inaction, in action

 God, January sucks sometimes. I mean, not as much as February (we'll get into that a bit), but just on a personal level, the beginning of the year always feels like a reversal of the Poles, and it takes months to orient ourselves.
I don't wanna get into it. The point is that we can usually find ways to make stuff fun - even if it's more for us than for you -- I mean, you're always invited (and it is more fun when you're around - just sayin'). But having said that, we've embarked upon a side project that's exclusive to just a few: BENNETT MEDIA MAGAZINE.

Depending on your geographic proximity to our HQ, you might just find an issue at your local tattoo parlor. But considering a surprising number of you reside everywhere from Germany to Indonesia (Hi, folks!), you may not get the pleasure of holding us in your hands... Although! If you happen to head over to Yellow Lemon Collages and buy yourself some handmade art from the "J" of "P&J," we might just send along the latest issue with your purchase (while supplies last). So, fuck around & find out I guess.

For the rest of you freeloaders, we've got something decidedly unspectacular to keep you amused for a minute: you may now follow us on Twitter: @BennettMedia1 - a decision so arduous for us to make that we can actually call it a "decision." But we thought while we don't have anything to say, we could go ahead and not say it on a cumbersome, antiquated, ergonomically unfriendly social media platform. That, plus it feels good to exercise our right to use it.

Through a typically-unforseen series of unfortunate events, February always hits us the hardest. So this year we're letting our apprehensive anticipation guide us into what will hopefully be a fun theme that we'll tell you about soon. In the meantime, we'll try to rustle up plenty of snakes & lizards for you to play with, but psychologically we're bracing for impact, so stay tuned (bleiben sie dran) (menantikan).

- p&j

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Peyton/Taylor said...

I know what you mean. I think that's why it makes sense that the idea of the movie, "Groundhog Day" takes place so close to the beginning of the year: February 2. A month after time supposedly begins again.

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