Awwwww yeeeaaaah! What a most excellent excuse to do what we're about to do -- and you get a slight advantage because we're giving you the genre.

That's right, it's Name That HORROR Movie!

No one particularly nailed the last set; it was a bit of a group effort with some disagreements. Those answers are posted in their comments... But who cares? We're all about the Spooky Pussy now! And to reiterate what is painfully obvious: all of the following stills are taken from scary movies, and so long as it rubs the lotion on its skin, we don't see any reason to not do a whole 'nother set before season's end.

So here is a fair & adequate test of your Monster Movie memory; no obscure trivia or discriminating tastes - just look and tell us what you see.

...The response please, Damien!




1 comment:

Dan The Movie Man said...

1. -
2. Let The Right One In?
3. Bride of Frankenstein?
4. Twilight Zone: The Movie
5. -

1. Looks familiar, but the title alludes me
2. A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge?
The rest I'm not sure

The only one here I think I can name is The Frighteners

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