Cradle of Fall

Blood and sage, a witch's delight
Fire and lust under a moonless light

Helpless children cast a child's spell
The living are the dead with stories to tell

Funsize Twix and jack-o-lantern holes
Dirty deals for greedy souls

Visions of the past through sacred doors
Stick to the road, stay off the moors 

Rivers of slime and storms of cold
Black autumn trees in the soil of old

Wicked ties and demon lies
Mixed signals from a devil's eyes

Strange smoke from a stranger's dwelling
Vile smelling and voices yelling prove to be quite telling

An apple tree orchard with no apples or trees
A cemetery of corpses with no rest or peace

Parts of death and breakfast at the kitchen table
Wolves are men until they are able

Plastic and colors mock the pain and grue
Vinegars and Arrows and Underground Blue

Shapes and boxes and faces of leather
Good Guy dolls and nightmares of sweater

The wine is red, the leaves are red
The eyes are red, the eyes are dead

Apple cider, pumpkin spice
Candy corn, maggots (or rice?)

Rubber bones dance on All Hallows' Eve
Vinyl creatures mourn as the departed grieve

Goblins gobble and slashers slash
Before too long it caught on in a flash

Lips of black and full of bite
Campers flee in the dead of night

Owls perched on a Poplar limb
Coffins open as the day grows dim

Joyous sights and smells of gore
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"

Ass to mouth and excess axes
Garlic and holy water and sunburnt ashes

All is quiet, all is dead
All is alive, now time for bed

- P

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