BENNETT INVENTORY : 5 Horror Movies I Kinda Like


   We often write and list on here about things we deeply love or strongly hate. But there is a whole world out there of 'merely ok.' A decent portion of our dvd collection is compiled of features that are good, but not great. And that's ok. We don't have to be coming all over ourselves with every movie or hating everything to Bill Maher extremes. Sometimes you wanna pop in a movie to clean to, or work on a collage, or fool around. You'll focus in on a few fun scenes and ignore the rest. Tis the season to highlight a few scary ones. Or not-so-scary, but definitely put-on-and-cook worthy.

- Babes

I was super pumped to see this opening night. It wasn't only because I was a hormone-crazed teenager, but I was also seeing it with a sold out audience of other ridiculous teens. The other bajillion sequels never caught my attention. All that over-lit milling about the woods just bored the shit out of me. But you send this important, deformed killer-retard into space, and you've got my attention! Eye-wincing scenes or not, this movie definitely delivers to entertain you to the end, and you will likely laugh your ass off.

I wish I could prove that someone said, "Let's make a horror movie starring that cute little kid from Home Alone." Four weeks later they're sitting on a ramshackle script and they're casting. However rushed the movie feels or clumsy the dialogue sounds, the movie made about "Evil Macauley Culkin" lends a memorable performance. Culkin is truly vacant and unnerving in his deliveries. He succeeds where a lot of child actors have failed in the Horror genre. I like to think that he's tapping into his hatred of his father when getting into character.

More than this, I should say that I would probably watch any of these movies if they were on, but if I had to choose, I would always site this one as my favorite. It is definitely the most fun and most mean. Every character's death is gruesome, gory, and laughable. There's no real lagging dialogue scenes and has non-stop action right up to the very end.

Directed by academy award winner Bill Condon, this movie looks amazing. Sadly he did not write the screenplay so you have to ignore the idiotic storyline and focus on performances and cinematography. It definitely captures the hopelessness of the first one and leaves you feeling bleak and miserable.

This is obviously just a cash-in on the critical success of 28 Days Later, but it manages to take the story to a very interesting place. They took a very big risk keeping this sequel on another small scale/small cast. I admit that this movie actually scares me in a few scenes. I'm also such a sucker for kids in peril.


Roland Calhoun said...

How about just deformed killer? Do you really have to use the R word to describe anyone or anything? Poor choice.

P and J said...

Hi roland, and thank you so much for responding! Yes I do choose to use that word. That's the word I grew up with and I truly believe everyone is just too sensitive about everything these days. It means the exact same thing. I am not making fun. Just using it as a descriptive word.

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