Bennett Media's TASTES OF SUMMER

Spring's been a cold, grey bastard that lasted us the rest of our lives: waterboarded by rain, dressing in fucking layers.
No longer will we wait - Summer starts now, here, on my authority! Nobody trusts anybody and we're all very tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting to dive into the punk rock movies and disco metal music we've deprived of ourselves for what feels like a year on Neptune. So, Bennett Media's TASTES OF SUMMER is already in progress, and we're gonna push it real good to October 1st - cuz that's how it goddamn should be.
All site and facebook posts should keep you up to date on what's hot & heavy, and all the different ways we're going about worshipping the Sun God. There'll be new stuff, reused stuff, rude stuff, & nude stuff, and no thunder clouds or creepy crawlies are gonna delay this ballgame anymore.
So kick your air conditioner in its stupid balls and taste us all Summer long. Roll it!

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