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Welcome to WEIRD STUFF: repressed memories, living nightmares, true Hollywood stories, coincidence and chance.
These phenomena don't fit in with any other series on the site, as they don't always fit in with the natural world. 
Over the course of these columns, we'll confront ghosts, toys, hoaxes, bizarre happenstance, and other perversions. Some of these tales are personal, others infected the whole world.
We're the biggest skeptics of all, and like you, we may think, "Well, if that was on the internet, I wouldn't believe it." So we will provide proof when it's available. In all other scenarios, you'll have to take our word for it.

Everyone already seems pretty well aware of the subliminal eroticism and suggestive smut that's wired into Disney's animated features (if you're not, Google that sentence), and it always gave the company a very minuscule edge. Provocative? Sure. Innovative? Eh...
Even when they're partnered with Pixar, Disney never had or will have the sarcasm and swagger of even the mildest Looney Tunes shorts. Nor were they ever as uninhibited.
Consider this...

When I was about 9 or 10, my mother and I discovered an anatomical anomaly while watching some rink-a-dink videotape of three or four "Classic Cartoons" featuring Bugs Bunny and "Friends" (though he always came across as more of a loner to me). In one of the shorts, titled The Wabbit Who Came to Supper, a deeper, raspier-voiced Bugs continually and predictably runs rings around a much younger, fatter Fudd. At one point, Bugs uses the hapless hunter's shower, and as he gets out, he lets his towel fall just enough to give Elmer (and the rest of us) a glimpse of his 'hare down there.'

We became aware shortly thereafter that these few frames of animation had already been kinda well-known by some folks (perhaps by some of you, dear readers) and was part of the growing subliminal cartoon cult - up there with the Little Mermaid dick and whatever Jessica Rabbit supposedly revealed.

Because this was an accidental discovery - well-known or not - Bugs Bunny's penis always felt like an inside joke between my mother & I -- even if the world was already in on it.

- Paul

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank god the internet wasn't around yet or erotic/fetish fanart of Bugs would be as prolific as it is for Sonic.

(maybe it already is, but I'm not going to check)

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