After yet another battle royale against our favorite federal institution - The United States Postal Service - we're ready to kick the tires and light the fires and find out once again who's got amazing skills.
Our girl Leticia with the Rain Man brain and the Stanley Spector game is currently 2-0, putting all you cinematic philistines to shame.

Moving forward, there'll be a few adjustments made to the format - which may or may not affect the level of fun.
All comments will be published as they're received - in turn, you may end up helping each other out in the naming the full set, so don't feel hesitant to leave blanks. And if you have a competition in you and don't want anyone else to succeed, an incorrect entry can sometimes throw everyone off.

But more importantly (and sadly) is that no tangible prizes will be given henceforth, due largely to the consistent inconsistency of mail delivery and the likely unlikeliness that you'd receive your trophy.
We'll announce the winner by name along with a link to your blog, social media profile, Amazon wishlist, Pornhub playlist, or whatever you wanna direct traffic to as a result of your talents - just let us know how to spread your victory.

Also, when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.





Unknown said...

So far I've got
The Killing
The Limey
The Player
Rain Man?

Kirk said...

I will never get ‘em all, so read no further if you want to really compete.

*Very last one is Terminator 1. “Shé” is maybe Death Proof? Saturn poster: Real Genius? Clown: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure?

Sean said...

the only ones I know:

1. The Killing
5. My Cousin Vinny
8. The Player

goddamn I'm terrible at these

Luke said...

1. The Killing
2. The Limey
3. Jackie Brown?
4. Magnolia
5. My Cousin Vinny

6. Green Room
8. The Player

13. The Money Pit
15. The Terminator

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