Dancing Without the Stars

Faceless on a windowpane
chicken on the soup
Crackers on the cellophane
noodles in the coop

No charge for cash back
no penalty for sin
No cure for Big Mac Attack
No sleep till Brooklyn

Forces of nature in the front yard
100 things you never knew
Nighttime skies are mooned and starred
roses are red, violet, and blue

An innocent face full of tired and sound
inches of makeup pervert this game
A tower of excuses rises from the ground
roses are read by no other name

Artificial strawberry & grape flavored toys
rockets to the moon & Merriam Avenue
A well full of wishes & a beer can full of noise
a reflection of poor judgement and a bad attitude

Hypoallergenic water-based pleasure
twisted intense warming sensation
Popcorn and licorice, measure for measure
out of step & out of time in a self-proclaimed rhythm nation

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