Predictions and Resolutions

To each their own and then some more
An open flood of closed emotion,
old ways instigate a fresh wound
Hands open,  crass eloquence
Very little left to be embarrassed about

A bravery, a banality

A short period of doubt
And then, a grand facade brought on by repugnant fear

The nature of the journey becomes the journey

Malice is labor, joy is leisure
Fear is failure and so is courage
Let us pray not for help, because we are otherwise helpless
Let us not have freedom to offend so that others can
May the righteous travel upon dirt roads with neutrality
Nights full of fire and confusion populate a neglected calendar
Laughter roars, tears tweet

Destiny by way of circumstance;

An ongoing continuum, a never ending infinity, a monotonous redundancy
Kitchen knives and wifi are in decent working order -
fast forward and other functionality may be disabled

Pray not for the souls of the victims because it's way too late

Darkness suffocates foresight
Law instructs tradition
The air, polluted with change, a storm front brought on by worry and hope, a fever

Dreams cause indifference

The weight of the world digests as an electrical charge
To see oneself not as who you are, but what
Use humor to diffuse the doom
Engage in pretentious prose to cloud the truth
All is well
Well, is it all?
Was it ever? Same as it ever was -
never, my love

Our prayers are rescinded -

they are no longer with you
The tide has turned and a greasy greed cuts through the loud watermelon flavor of contentment

I will eat

I will be peripherally aware of my health
The rest will force into place
The rest will be extracted
I will learn everything and nothing
The world will go on without us, the world will end with us
The dark will be darker, and there will be light where light's always been

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