So few movies since the great 1999 epoch of film have left me in awe. Midnight Special ranks high among the most underrated of all time. I was immediately drawn to the kid hero in peril plot oozing with sci-fi/action. This journey takes these characters on a search for something deeply meaningful and yet unknown to them all. The greatest success of this film is that I felt like I was right there in the car with them. Upon revisiting it has slipped into my top 100! A+

- Jess

I like science fiction when it's light on the science, and the fiction. This was once Spielberg's power: ordinary people too awestricken to even bother trying to understand what the universe has thrown at them.
There's no shame in the comparison because of how blatant and competent the homage is. Because, lights in the sky and precocious kids aside, the movie's central theme (and outstanding achievement) is in its depiction of the urgency and obsession to reach an abstract goal for reasons you yourself cannot explain. A-

- Paul

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