"It doesn't exist. We were wrong."
- Jean-Luc Godard, referring to the notion of mise en scène

We've been wanting to do this for a long, long time.
Have you ever been somewhere - far from your own home - and thought, "If I woke up here, would I know where I was?" We've both been consistently conscious of this while watching movies - especially movies we think we know inside and out. Like popular music: it's easy to memorize lyrics, but sometimes the notes, played on their own out of context, can seem foreign.
Or, maybe that's just us. Maybe y'all have a sharper eye than presumed. This will be a good way to find out.
Largely contemporary, mainstream cinema - no real curveballs. Of course, if you haven't seen it, that makes it harder. Either way, you're all outta bubblegum.
And not for nothing. As usual, we got stuff, and that stuff can be yours.

  • Two packs of Topps trading cards: Fright Flicks (1984) and Ninja Turtles (1990)
  • Hot Topic exclusive Series 2 Horror Classic Blind Box toy (Gremlins)
  • An original NES game cartridge: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1989)
  • a razor blade necklace
  • a "Bitty Betty" keychain
  • a button featuring the face of David Cronenberg
  • Beavis and Butt-Head, The Mike Judge Collection Vol. 1 on DVD

Fifteen frames in three levels of varying difficulty. You must answer all fifteen correctly to get the prize. Leave your answer in the comments section below; only the winning set will be published.
If for any reason you're unable to leave comments in Blogger, you can email your answer. But that's it: no message boards, IMs, texts, faxes, candy grams, smoke signals or any kinda skywriting or topiary designs.

There can be only one. Good luck.





Leticia L. said...

1. 12 Angry Men
2. Back to the Future 2
3. Contagion
4. The Departed
5. Easy Rider
6. Blown Away
7. Big
8. The Cannonball Run
9. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
10. Chinatown
11. The Age of Innocence
12. The Blackcoat's Daughter
13. Badlands
14. Black Mama, White Mama
15. Casino

p.s: I miss you guys!

Sean said...

Christ, well done. I only got 12 Angry Men, BTTF2, Departed, Easy Rider, and Cannonball Run.

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