Oh, Baby Names!

Bendy Wendy
Jiggly Love
Molly Soft
Dick Cunningham
Goldie Summers
Jim Blossoms
Honey Pie
Coraline St. Valentine
Lindsey Nicole
Rosie Cheeks
Reggie Hammer
Lefty Lucy
Bobbi Sox
Brandy Alexander
Bubbles Bleu
Snake Foreskin
Sharon Taint
Lemonade Stan
Annie Holler
Booner James
Penny Candy
Loretta Deluxe
Patty Cake
Anita Anita

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Anonymous said...

5. Marge Be Not Proud
4. And Maggie Makes Three
3. Radioactive Man
2. Krusty Gets Busted
1. The Way We Was

What makes Bart's chair break even better is that Homer happens to be in the tub. Perfect excuse to pull out my box sets and watch all these episodes.

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