We need a dick statue. Actually, we would happily accept any of the art from A Clockwork Orange. Though I think the only way we'll be seeing that around is if I paper mache it or we win the lotto. I've always been very drawn to sexually confrontational art. Unfortunately, art of an erotic or sensual nature is usually very tasteful or comedic, like a Tony Scott sex scene. Everything is very blue. Now I'm digressing. The first time I saw this film I think I came in my pants. Forgive my lack of sophistication, but to describe this film as a 'powerhouse of american cinema' seems like a lackluster understatement. With each viewing, which I separate by several years at a time, I sit very close to the TV, turn off all of the lights, & absorb one of the greatest works of art ever created. & as always, drool over the art within the art. Art within art, how very existential of you, Stanley. A+

- Jess

There are some movies that, while you're watching them, or immediately after you've watched them & it's still fresh in your mind, seem to dwarf & belittle all other cinema. Then there are some movies - very few - that actually seem to trivialize everything else in life. A Clockwork Orange does this for me.
While it's not my favorite film, it is my favorite film by my favorite filmmaker. All other Kubrick films feel like heavy, deliberately-paced symphonies to me, while Clockwork is a shameless, synth-pop song - it's a loud, abrasive comedy, even more so than Strangelove. One of my favorite things about Kubrick (& that's a long-ass list) is his sense of humor - which was always predominantly satirical. This, among a countless number of other things, is the best example of that. A+

- Paul

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