HEADS :: Allan Stewart Konigsberg

- b. 1935 Brooklyn, New York, USA
- Director: 45 feature films (1966-2011)

Jess's favorite: Manhattan (1979)
Paul's favorite: Sleeper (1973)


Watch TV said...


Nick Naney said...

I was looking through his filmography and it's shocking to me but my fave of his is Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Sorry film geeks wish I had a cooler answer but Love & Death just didn't cut the mustard.

Anonymous said...

Can we look forward to "the films of woody allen: the 1980s" any time soon?

Jacob Spickelmire said...
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Dan The Movie Man said...

Mine is going to Whatever Works. It gets no respect but it's really, really enjoyable, funny as, and nice to see Larry David in something else doing what he does best.

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