BENNETT GOING BLUE :: you are now being redirected

Ok, remember that thing about the thing? Forget that.
Let's be adventurous & try something new.

Based on the polls, the majority of you seemed pretty psyched on the smutty transition. But not enough.
It also displayed a general sense of uncertainty otherwise. So, how do we make everyone happy?
Like, really happy?

Well, now you & your unpolluted eyes will have a choice. Come to Bennett for the movie / music stuff. & if you want pornography... well, you have the vastness of the interweb for that.
But! you will also have Crimestopper Home Entertainment

Crimestopper is like a tangier Bennett Media. All posts are created/edited/treated by the very 'people' who've brought you this very site. So if that kinda thing gets your wetness wet, then go & get it.


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