Bennett Media is going BLUE

Forget going green.
After dancing around it for I don't know how long, Bennett Media will change its tone ever so slightly, and start showcasing some more adult-related material.
Now, this doesn't mean 'all nude all day;' this will still remain a film/music site. Though rest assured, any & all pornographic material will still fall into those categories.
And yes, it's gonna get filthy.

What will change?
Well, not too too much. This site has never shied away from sexual content, & if you haven't been intimidated yet, you should be alright. But, in the end, you will just have to judge for yourself.
Film/director tributes will still happen, as well as music videos & wowmanwow. However, internetters, the site as a whole will become NSFW.
As far as the mechanics go -- starting 11.2.09, every time you visit, you'll be 'warned' of the content, which should come as no surprise - as I'm warning you now.

There will be videos & photos & artwork, as well as a few suggestive links on the sidebar. As always, all content will be edited by me in some manner (as well as stuff shot & directed by me
...more on that soon).
Of course, I'd like to point out that the blood & guts has always been present & pretty lurid & will continue to be so. But who cares about that? am I right, people?

So, there it is.
Yes? No? You're not really surprised, are you?
Have a Coke & a smile, take some time to adjust. Until then, take a look at the poll in the sidebar & lemme know just how bummed you are.

1 comment:

Steven said...

I knew it would come, i ran into one of your edit on spankwire the other day, perv ;)

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